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B.E.S. EXPORT (Basic Export Support) means providing basic support for export. We offer a strong and concrete support for international trade and a know-how based on experience and quality relationships.

We are curious by nature, and eager to do always the right choice or to give the right advice. Therefore, we do not believe in customized solutions and shortcuts.

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We are a company made by high profile professionals with multiannual experience in international trade. Our team is composed by a commercial manager, sales agents, web marketing experts and experienced export managers.
We are a solid group that combines humanity and professionalism to meet our customers’ needs day by day and to build up quality relationships. Only combining our international trade experience and our partners’ abilities we are able to reach our goals.

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Talking about economy, if once was true that ”the big fish eats the small fish”, nowadays would be better to say that is “the fast fish which eats the slow fish”. In other words, it isn’t the size of the company, but the speed it adapts to changes.
Firms that are quick to develop and execute an effective marketing technology strategy, regardless of size, have the opportunity to standout from competitors who are slower to adapt.
The main and hardest part of a successful strategy is the capability of making fast and courageous decisions and going on with them.

The Right Choises

B.E.S. EXPORT is looking for business owners who are willing to make a decision, today. As we believe that only those companies that are sure of what they want to do are able to grow. B.E.S. EXPORT Commercial Support allows small and medium sized enterprises to have a foreign department in outsourcing, which means that we will work remotely as we were in your office helping you finding new clients abroad. You will be able to benefit of the competences and experience of our team members who will guide you through the process of internationalisation, development and export management.


To make it short, to sell abroad you need to have a strategy, you need to have that information that will enable you to foresee the market’s development. It is not enough to rely on a mere statistical analysis to choose where to export. When deciding to place your own company in a geographical area by using that information to which everybody can access, you might encounter the risk of arriving too late, once the market is already saturated. To make a good profit of your investments you need to have the right information at the right time. Obviously, that information has a cost, although 100% deductible within the first year.

How to sell?

It is not enough to manufacture a good quality product or service, above all you need to know how to sell it.
To be successful when selling, you would need to present your product or service as the best or among the best, as the cheapest or among the cheaper. If your product or service cannot compete among the best or the cheaper, then our advice would be to underline the uniqueness of your product.

Una cultura basata sulla collaborazione

La modalità attualmente più diffusa per l’attuazione di un progetto è il lavoro di squadra: il team work. Il gruppo condivide uno scopo, ha un obiettivo in comune, lavora in stretta collaborazione e condivide i vantaggi dei successi.
Il team funziona quando obiettivi e metodi sono chiari e condivisi e quando tutto il gruppo sa gestire il tempo, definire e rispettare ruoli, procedure e regole. Il merito di una gestione efficace però dipende sia dalla capacità del project manager di avere una leadership efficace, sia dalla capacità di ampliare e rendere più flessibile il proprio stile di gestione del personale.

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